I am currently an Art Director and Designer working on a freelance basis.

With over 14 years of experience, my range of skills to date allow me to be
versatile as both a Designer and Art Director: Originating concepts myself,
steering creative teams or closely collaborating with talented directors and
studios from around the world.

Passionate about branding, I will immerse myself in its detail whilst
enthusiastically driving forward the wider vision and objectives. I always
approach problem solving with originality - delivering strategic thinking,
creative excellence and design precision in equal measure. Past and
present work has been internationally rewarded by PromaxBDA
and D&AD.

Skills & Expertise:
- Originating ideas and problem solving.
- Developing engaging creative content for brands
- Cross-media branding and communication
- Brand implementation across multi-disciplined teams.
- Identifying and closely collaborating with directors, animators and designers.
- Delivering concepts and design to high-end commercial standards.